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Service vouchers: an economical system through Hedwige in Brussels

Aimed at private individuals, service vouchers allow you to benefit from the experience and know-how of real professionals for doing all your household chores.

Find out all about service vouchers courtesy of HedwigeHedwige

The Hedwige agency based in Brussels is a Sodexo-certified agency which uses the service voucher system. Each service voucher costs €9, before tax deduction. Each household is entitled to 1,000 service vouchers per year (the first 800 service vouchers are €9 and the next 200 are €10).

We offer a complete household help service: cleaning, shopping, window washing, ironing, laundry, household shopping, meal preparation, etc.


How can I benefit from the convenience of service vouchers?

To take advantage of the services of an approved household helper at a special rate, first, you must register for the regional service voucher system by creating an account. You can then manage your service vouchers from your secure account. Once you have registered, you need to find an approved company such as Hedwige Titres Services, which will offer you a household helper to meet all your needs. You can then order your service vouchers.

Find out which services you need by taking the advice of a trusted agency. Once the service has been provided in your home, simply confirm it, and the rest will be taken care of automatically! That's all there is to it - it is so fast and convenient.

If you have any questions about service vouchers, do not hesitate to contact Hedwige in Brussels. We will be happy to help you.

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